Dreamworld is a collaborative CD with excellent musicians. The album features special guest Curtis Fuller with musicians Richard Wyands, Leroy Williams, Virgil Jones, Charles Davis, Paul Brown, Eric Kennedy and introduces rapper/ musician Pauli Fuller... There are some choice vocal  selections in "A Circle Is A Never Ending Line Of Love", and "Skylark" along with fresh instrumentals like  "A Monk's Gone Thelonious", Joyce Kilmer's "Trees", and "Pharoah's Kingdom".

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  • My Sister's Lovely Smile (Live)14:38
  • Tokyo Blues (Live)17:24

NoMad Stories "Live"

This is a CD of  NoMad Stories performing live. It features original NoMad Stories music like " My Sister's Lovely Smile", " Cowboy Sunrise", " Fiji Water", " Talib's Quest", " Feeling Dad's Love" and more! 

  • Pharoah's Kingdom by Kelly Shepherd6:04
  • A Circle Is A Neverending Line Of Love by Eric Kennedy4:46
  • A Monk's Gone Thelonious by Kelly Shepherd5:21
  • Sweet Bossa3:56
  • Where Flowers Grow w/ Poetry by Pauli Fuller song by Kelly Shepherd7:33

  • The Beauty Of Simplicity4:39
  • Bird Calls 4:08

The Beauty of Simplicity

Kelly's first album featuring original compositions "The Beauty of Simplicity" and "Talib's Quest" with fresh renditions of standards like "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" and "Stardust".